May 07, 2024

Blog Part 2: Titan Company Business Segment Analysis

Titan Company

Hello, finance enthusiasts!

Business Segment Performance

Titan Company operates across multiple segments, each contributing uniquely to the company's overall success:

  1. Jewellery
    • Quarterly: Grew 19% to ₹8,998 crores. The EBIT margin was 12.1%.
    • Yearly: Income increased by 20% to ₹38,353 crores with an EBIT margin of 12.3%.

  2. Watches & Wearables
    • Quarterly: Total income was up 8% to ₹940 crores with an EBIT margin of 8.5%.
    • Yearly: Grew 18% to ₹3,904 crores with a 10.2% EBIT margin.

  3. EyeCare
    • Quarterly: Total income was flat at ₹166 crores, with an EBIT margin of 4.8%.
    • Yearly: Grew by 5% to ₹724 crores, with an EBIT margin of 11.7%.

  4. Emerging Businesses
    • Quarterly: Total income grew by 26% to ₹97 crores but recorded a loss of ₹22 crores.
    • Yearly: Grew 28% to ₹378 crores with a corresponding EBIT loss of ₹93 crores.

Marketing Initiatives and Store Expansions

Titan's marketing campaigns and store expansions have significantly contributed to its growth. The 'Festival of Diamonds' and other campaigns have effectively targeted new customer segments. Store expansions, particularly in international markets like Dubai and Chicago, are crucial in Titan’s global strategy.

Future Outlook

As articulated by Mr. CK Venkataraman, Managing Director, FY24 has been a year of robust growth and expansion for Titan. The focus remains on enhancing consumer offerings and expanding market reach, with special attention to integrating modern practices in traditional sectors like weaving through initiatives like 'Weavershalas'.

Titan Company's comprehensive strategy, focusing on product innovation, market expansion, and customer-centric campaigns, positions it well for sustained growth. The detailed analysis of each business segment highlights areas of strength and opportunities for further expansion, making Titan an attractive prospect for investors and stakeholders looking forward to FY25.




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